Exchange & Student Group Visits
Exchange & Student Group Visits

Exchange & Student Group Visits

Student groups from other institutions are welcome to visit the Goetheanum Campus and participate in our study program

Exchange & Student Groups

At the Goetheanum, we regularly welcome students from other higher education institutions. You can request a tailor-made experience based on your students' background, study program, and interests, or send a request to join our Anthroposophy Studies on Campus program as a visitor.

To provide the program that best suits the group's needs, we work together with the Sections of the School of Spiritual Science to meet the interests of the various student groups who come to the Goetheanum.

Previous Experiences

We have facilitated exchanges and visits with various groups. Here are a few examples to provide insight into our initiatives:

Exchange week with the Priest Seminar Stuttgart, Germany: A joint week with the Anthroposophy Studies on Campus program on the topic of Christology.

Leiden University of Applied Sciences, Holland: An experiential week at the Goetheanum with students from the Anthroposophy minor at Leiden University of Applied Sciences (Holland), in cooperation with the Youth Section at the Goetheanum. A customized program for students to deepen their understanding of anthroposophy and their connection to the School of Spiritual Science.

Campus tour for students of the Mensch Musik School in Hamburg: An experiential learning week with students from the minor in Waldorf Education at the HAN University of Applied Sciences (Holland), in collaboration with the Agriculture and Education Section at the Goetheanum. During the exhibition of Wagner's Parsifal, students were guided through the Goetheanum and its exhibitions. Practical exercises and focused discussions on their questions enhanced their interest, resulting in a meaningful and memorable experience on campus.

How to participate

If you are part of a student group and would like to visit the Goetheanum or participate in our experiential learning activities, please email us at

We will work with you to design a program and agree on a budget that fits your capacity. The cost of the program depends on the length of the visit and the activities planned.


Andrea De La Cruz

Geboren 1989 in Madrid, Spanien. Seit 2011 arbeitet sie mit jungen Menschen und Erwachsenenbildung. Sie erwarb zwei Bachelor of Arts in Edinburgh und London (2009-2013) und ein Diplom in Waldorfpädagogik (2016-2018). Von 2015-2016 war sie Studentin am Goetheanum bei Dr. Virginia Sease. Von 2017-2022 Mitarbeiterin der Jugendsektion am Goetheanum. Seit 2022 ist sie Mitarbeiterin der Abteilung Studium & Weiterbildung in der Allgemeinen Anthroposophische Sektion. Derzeit studiert sie für einen MA in Innovation in Education.