General conditions

As a rule, no previous education is required for study at the Goetheanum, apart from a good knowledge of the course language. The number of participants is limited in order to ensure a seminar-style study and individual support for the students. Admission to the programme is granted after a written application and, if necessary, an admission interview.

For full-time studies, a residence permit is required for foreigners in Switzerland. Please contact the Swiss embassy in your home country for information about entry requirements.


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is urgently advised to regularly check with the relevant authorities about the current and sometimes rapidly changing regulations. Please inform yourself about possible adjustments to the study programme.


The fees for the various study programmes can be found on the homepage associated with the programme.


To apply, please complete the contact form for the relevant study programme at the Goetheanum. The application may be followed by an interview between the person responsible for the programme and the applicant.

Overall conditions

You will be invoiced for the tuition fee before you begin your studies. Costs for art trips and excursions as well as possible additional costs for the study programme are not included. They are agreed separately.

Admission is completed by the conclusion of a study agreement between the student and the School of Spiritual Science. For full-time study programmes, proof of a residence permit for Switzerland is required. The first three weeks after the start of lectures or the first module of the part-time study programmes are considered a trial period, both on the part of the university and the student.

The course is not suitable for people who are dependent on alcohol or drugs or who are dependent on psychotropic drugs as part of a therapy. A good knowledge of the course language is needed and you must be at least 18 years of age.