Part-time (Berufsbegleitend)


The Goetheanum's Part-time course offers the opportunity to open up new horizons and to pursue questions that often remain untouched in everyday life.

Anthroposophical Studies

The part-time course is designed in such a way that it is compatible with your regular commitments, such as work or family life. It takes place over six weekends during the academic year, approximately once every month, between October - June. The course language is German.

This course gets its unique format from the questions and contributions of the participants, the presentations of the course leaders and the dialogue-based seminar guidance in art and conversation. In the course, questions of being human become tangible. One's own inner development can begin or be deepened.

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Natural Science Program

Carefully thinking through scientific phenomena and living into their gestures can help to deepen access to nature. At the same time, scientific awareness, which can account for how a judgement comes about, does not have to be abandoned. Love of nature and science are the basis for this joint study work.

The course is offered in German only.

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