The Earth as Substance of our Destiny

The Earth as Substance of our Destiny

Online Seminar on the contributions of anthroposophy towards Sustainable Development

About the course

From 4 to 8 November, 2024
Online (Live via Zoom)
14:00 - 15:15 (Central European Time)

This interactive online seminar is a collaboration between the Goetheanum Studium and the Goetheanum Agriculture Section. Over five days, participants from all over the world will explore together anthroposophical approaches in the context of sustainable development as a tool for addressing socio-ecological challenges.

The seminar and group discussions will be held in English. Translation in Chinese and Spanish are available upon request.

The Earth as Substance of our Destiny

The earth is our inherent home, it is the very substance of our destiny. Today, however, this existential fundament of live is shaking. How to solve the socio-ecological crisis, the central question of our time, has reached the center of global debate.

What is the contribution of the work inspired by anthroposophy? How to integrate the worldview that anthroposophy introduced more than 100 years ago? And what can we learn from organizations and initiatives that contribute towards sustainable development out of anthroposophy for decades?

These are some of the questions we will explore together in this online seminar.

Note: Active participation and contributions are essential to our collective learning experience. To foster a lively and engaging atmosphere, the seminar will not be recorded.

Course Components

The program of the five-day online seminar consists of:

• General introduction into the theme
• Introduction of anthroposophy in relation to the socio-ecological crisis
• Outlines for understanding sustainable development
• Exploring concrete contributions to approach the socio-ecological challenges
• Integrated sessions with guest lecturers

General Information

Participation Fee
Prices range from CHF 45 – CHF 120. (Please check the fee options in the application form.)

The seminar is held in English - Translation is available in Chinese and Spanish upon request

Technical Requirements
• Laptop, tablet or mobile phone with an up-to-date browser and video camera
• Zoom app (If you don't have Zoom installed yet, you can download it free here:

Central European Time (CET) / Switzerland

Regarding Registration Cancellation
Please note that any cancellation requested after October 4th, 2024, will not be eligible for reimbursement.

About the Lecturer

Johannes Kronenberg

With a background in Arts and Sustainable Development, Johannes Kronenberg (1991) has been working at the Goetheanum since 2019. He is active in project management, as a sustainability representative for the Goetheanum and as a research associate for the Agriculture Section. He is currently working on a research and compendium entitled "On the Earth we want to live", which gives insights into the contributions of the work with anthroposophy to sustainable development in the face of the socio-ecological crisis.