Forms of the Future

Forms of the Future

20 fevereiro 2024 Cecilia Ramirez Corzo view 1136

Tone Architecture: Spiritualizing Matter Through Sound


Hold for a moment the imagination that future architecture, through sound and light, will be able to form shapes in space in accordance to or corresponding to our I, to a group’s I, to a family’s I: a communication with spirit is visible through the ground, walls and ceiling of our buildings. Perhaps the sound resides lightly in the background or perhaps such sounds are silent to our ears but audible to our souls.

There is no doubt that we shape our buildings and buildings shape us.Therefore,

How does sound becomes form?How does form becomes movement?How does movement become shelter?How does shelter becomes spirit-tone?Architecture for the future, for the body, soul and spirit of the human being; For the future evolution of humans light body. Tone carries spirit and within this spirit there is form and colour. It is through the sound and the silence that forms and light appear coming through and pushing into realms that have not yet entered present thought, nor have they entered the forms of the present epoch.

Heaviness and inertia play almost no role in the future processes; therefor the formative process becomes sensitive to extremely subtle influences such as a soul’s mood, a thought, a limb impulse. Future forms will be the product of pure tones which can create conditions in the physical matter that mirror the events of the spheres of the planes. A specific pitch in harmonious relation to mass and formative force. A needed volume and tone character to build resonating spaces based on proportion of form perhaps mirroring cosmic resonances. These will be spirits that hold together matter at its very core.

Contemporary architecture is making us ill. It is no longer suitable for the transformations that the human being is experiencing at present. There is an urgency to change, at least from my perspective, because current spaces are an experience of a soulless or even a soul-destroying activity. It is time to make an architecture which considers the spiritual dimensions of humankind. Architecture must undergo processes of metamorphoses in the change of cultural epochs.

The approach to this research work has been through the written word, music, drawing and modeling. The seed has been planted and the experimentation and research will continue. The focus of this first step is to experience and increase accuracy of listening, an important starting point for being able to develop forms from sound-silence.

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Cecilia Ramirez Corzo, Kyoto Fu, Japan - Alumni Anthroposophy Studies on Campus, 2023