Anthroposophy (and much more) in five weekends

Anthroposophy (and much more) in five weekends

29 abril 2024 Alana Boone Visto 620 veces

57 participants from 28 countries embark on an immersive journey, fostering profound insights and global connections

With 57 around a table!

At the beginning of January, the General Anthroposophy Section organized at the Goetheanum for the fourth time the online course: '5 Weekends of Anthroposophy'.
Like many, I started somewhat reluctantly and and with some questions. What happens during those five weeks? What are the benefits? And what are these five weekends leading us to?

Let's get right to the point, a lot happens during these five weeks! This year we started this adventure with 57 students from 28 different countries. This group was divided into smaller study groups based on language (English, German, Spanish/Portuguese) to work together weekly to work on the book "The Threshold of the Spiritual World (GA17). By studying together in this way study and sharing results, you hear insights from people from India, Turkey, Brazil, France, etc. People who have been studying anthroposophy for some time shared their experiences and in this way encouraged newcomers to continue their studies after these weeks.

In times of polarization, it is a very inspiring experience to feel how lecturers with specific expertise dwelt on very current topics such as digitalization, consciousness in the 21st century, the triple social order, etc. And finally, in addition to these seminars, weekly art and eurythmy were also offered. Through a combination of going through recorded lessons and live study sessions, a person can easily and very flexibly schedule it around a full-time work situation.

What particularly amazed me was the high quality of what was offered in this short time. On the one hand, the level of content in what the teachers brought, but also their care in building out this international group experience.

It is remarkable that after each edition, students have decided to enroll in the Anthroposophy annual course. Others resolved to visit the Goetheanum. In short, through this experience one learns not only about Anthroposophy, but also how it is translated and applied in different parts of the world. You meet people who inspire you with their path of development and you are encouraged to make it a conscious and openminded year. I am already looking forward to working again next year in such an inspiring and international way.

See you in January 2025!

Alana Boone, Brugge, Belgium - Alumni Anthroposophy Studies on Campus, Autumn 2023 and 5 Weekends of Anthroposophy, 2024