Live in Switzerland

Live in Switzerland

Switzerland is a confederation and consists of 26 cantons. The Goetheanum in Dornach is located in the canton of Solothurn, close to the borders of the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.

Preparation for entry

Students from abroad must contact the Swiss embassy in their home country for information about entry and any visa application.

The Swiss representation abroad will issue an entry permit as soon as it is authorised to do so by the Swiss canton. The procedure should take at least 8 weeks. Information about applicable entry and residence regulations is also available from the Federal Office for Migration.

Finance for your studies must be secured before you start. The same applies to covering the cost of living during the study stay (a very basic standard of living of CHF 1,200 per month is possible). The Goetheanum issues a student card for full-time study programmes, which can be linked to the benefits and advantages of the so-called StudentPass. Among other things, this allows reduced or free admission to courses, lectures, theatre, concert and eurythmy events as well as conferences, seminars and colloquia at the Goetheanum. Book loans from the library at the Goetheanum are thus free of charge. Further discounts are also available at the Speisehaus and the bookshop at the Goetheanum.


After entering Switzerland, students must register with the municipality of their place of residence within 7 days of arrival. The registration regulations vary from canton to canton. Please contact the relevant municipality for more information.

The canton of residence issues students with a residence permit within 4 to 6 weeks after registration. The fees normally amount to between CHF 140 and CHF 300.

Students are required to deregister after the end of their studies. Detailed information on the deregistration process can be obtained from the relevant municipal office.

Finding accommodation

It is the student's responsibility to organise accommodation during their studies. The student residence at the Goetheanum offers affordable accommodation for a limited number of full-time students. Upon confirmed acceptance into the programme, you will be put in touch with the administrator of the student residence (Nanna Osmer), to whom you can apply for a room. As the number of rooms is limited, it is imperative that we receive your application for a room by 10 July.

Accommodation in private houses around the Goetheanum and in nearby villages is possible, but must be organised independently.

Change of address

The student must report a change of address immediately to the Office for Studies and Continuing Education and to the local authority. In the event of a change of address within the current year of residence, the student must submit a request to the municipality for a change of foreigner's identity card, for which a fee will be charged.

Accident and health insurance

It is compulsory to belong to a health insurance fund in Switzerland. Foreign students can choose one of the following options. Either they can take out compulsory health insurance in Switzerland or they can remain insured in another European country and present their European Health Insurance Card when registering with the local authorities.

Working during your studies

Students are solely responsible for finding employment. Working hours for foreign students are limited to 15 hours per week. Students from non-EU countries are subject to a 6-month waiting period before they can take up employment.

Driving licence

You can drive in Switzerland using a foreign driver's licence for one year. After this time you will need to get a Swiss driving licence. An Imported car must be registered In Switzerland within one year.