28 Days of Anthroposophy

28 Days of Anthroposophy

02 julho 2023 Mayumi Matsumiya view 425

A special testimonial about the Goetheanum Studium online program by Luis Eduardo Melnik from Brazil.

The possibility of taking this course at the Goetheanum was a very important experience. It was like realizing, bringing to life, giving a body, to what used to live only in thought.

The sequence of the Study meetings, the Art and Eurythmy classes, the themes of the Inspiration week, the Colloquium, the Plenum, gradually enabled consciousness to intuit a greater reality. Something that is born through encounters in the world but which remains a spiritual quality. As in the chalice of the flower, the sun finds a home.

The coexistence of a group of students as different as their geographic location, their languages, and their cultures, showed how none of this has any importance when we willingly get together and share the same purpose. It showed how human beings could live together without barriers or borders when their intention is lovingly placed in the world.

In experiencing light, shadow and colours, we were also able to experience the flow of ideas.

In experiencing the movement of the body and the feeling of space, we experience reverence in the face of the spiritual world.

In the deep study, we learnt the love of the Creative Spirit for us and our come-to-be in the world.

We are faced with the question of experiencing the sensory world and its spiritual reality. Of consciously building the path to the threshold. Of experiencing and developing the qualities of the soul in the experience of the other. And that, it is in the other, in my neighbour, in all human souls, that I can truly find myself, my Real Self. Without the reality of the other, I cannot find my own. And, it is in action, moved by the will that seeks the fulfilment of the other's coming-to-be, that I can foresee existence.

Luis Eduardo Melnik, Indaiatuba, Brazil - Alumni Goetheanum Studium Online Program, 2023