Class of 2023

Class of 2023

02 July 2023 Mayumi Matsumiya 424 views

An overview of the final research presentations from the Class of 2023. Published in Anthroposophy Worldwide

On 21 June the current anthroposophy course at the Goetheanum ended with a presentation of research projects that explore the human being and our interconnectedness with the world.

With each new group of students, the Goetheanum Campus blossoms into a vibrant meeting point for individuals from different countries, age groups, and further backgrounds, forming a dynamic and plural community. This multicultural learning environment is one of the things that sets this program apart as a unique educational experience. The bonds created here weave a global network of individuals committed to Anthroposophy in different fields.

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Mayumi Matsumiya, Recife, Brazil - Goetheanum Studium Collaborator