The Effects of Screen Time on the Soul Life

The Effects of Screen Time on the Soul Life

18 February 2024 Ariel Turner 1112 views

Ariel Turner undertook a research project to reduce her time on screens

Some “digital natives” of the younger generation are beginning to question the vast amount time they spend in the digital realm: both the positive potential and the grave dangers that they often have to struggle through on their own. As a part of the Goetheanum’s Anthroposophical Studies program, Ariel Turner undertook a project to reduce her time on screens, and research what strategies were effective and how her inner life changed correspondingly.

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Ariel Turner, New South Wales, Australia - Alumni Anthroposophy Studies on Campus, 2023

Ariel Turner spent three years as a coworker at Camphill Copake in New York. After completing the Goetheanum Anthroposophical Studies program, she has stayed in Switzerland to train at the Eurythmeum CH. Her passion is in the social realm, supporting others on their own path of healing and development.