Alumni Gathering

Alumni Gathering

31 January 2019 Steve Briault 5366 views

Emerson College invites its alumni to come together from 7 to 11 August 2019. The motto of the gathering will be «Listening to our Time, Speaking to the Stars».

Here at Emerson College in England we are excited to have started our preparations for an important event this summer: we are inviting anyone who has ever studied or worked at the College to join us in four days of sharing, celebration, artistic work and collaborative enquiry into the questions:

• These present times challenge our image of what it means to be human. What are they asking of us and of the worldwide community connected with Emerson College?

• How can we deepen our insights into the forces of destiny that brought us to Emerson, which have led and will lead us forward?

• How can we develop ways of living, learning and working together that enable us to meet the future with hope and trust?

The detailed programme will be collaboratively developed to include a wide range of contributions by participants – leading artistic sessions, sharing their initiatives, offering mini-performances, sensing and thinking together. Thousands of people from all over the world have had their lives transformed and enriched over more than half a century by their time at Emerson: we are sure that the many gifts which alumni bring will ensure a rich, warm and inspiring experience.


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Image: ‹Looking Back & Forward›, Jonathan Soper