Residence Registration and Health Insurance

If you plan to study at the Goetheanum for more than one trimester, it is mandatory to have a valid health insurance and register as a resident with the Dornach municipal authorities within two weeks of your arrival.

If you plan to study at the Goetheanum for only one trimester, you don’t need to register as a resident. Travel health insurance is mandatory.

For students who are staying longer than one trimester, it is possible to complete the registration process during the first week of the study program. If you need assistance with this process, don't miss the orientation session that will be scheduled during the first week of classes.

Before your travel, please review the form below. Make sure you have all the necessary documents listed on the checklist provided on the last page.

Registration Form (ENG) ANMELDEFORMULAR (DE)

Health Insurance Guidelines

Here are some guidelines for exemption and coverage options based on citizenship and employment status.

As a non-employed student, you may be exempt from having compulsory Swiss health insurance. You will need to either:
• Purchase Student Insurance via Swisscare*, if you are a non-EU national (Category A)
Have a European Health Card/Private Insurance from your home country (Category B)

If you plan to work as a student (max. 15 hours per week) you will need to either:
• Purchase Student Insurance via Swisscare*, if you are a non-EU citizen (Category A)
• Have a valid Swiss Health Insurance if you are from a EU country other than Germany, France, Italy and Austria. (Category C)
• Apply for exemption if you are German, Austrian, French or Italian. If this is your case, you can work in Switzerland as a student without Swisscare* or a Swiss Health Insurance (your EU Health Card will be sufficient)(Category D)

* Swisscare is a company that provides online health insurance solutions for foreign students living in Switzerland. This type of coverage aligns with certain student circumstances and is not valid for some categories.

• Category A = Non-EU citizens with Swisscare (mandatory, can work 15 hours per week)
• Category B = EU citizens with EU Health Card or Private Insurance from their country (cannot work)
• Category C = EU students with EU Health Card and compulsory Swiss Health Insurance - the Swisscare option is not valid for this category (mandatory if they plan to take up employment)
• Category D = Austrian, German, French or Italian students (can work up to 15 hours per week by having their EU/country insurance validated. Do not need to have a insurance from Swisscare or other Swiss Insurance providers)

The application for Health Insurance exemption represents the final stage of the residence registration process. You must obtain your residence permit card before initiating this step. While it may seem contradictory, what this entails is submitting all other required documents (as outlined in the provided form and checklist) to the local authorities. Meanwhile, as the Migration Office processes your residence registration, you should arrange for the appropriate insurance coverage or apply for exemption using your EU Health Card or private insurance.