Weekly Seminars

See below the list of seminars for the 2024-25 academic year

Autumn Term
Anthropology: What does it mean to be human?

Week 1: Rudolf Steiner's Biography, with Peter Selg
Week 2: Anthroposophical Anthropology, with Philipp Reubke
Week 3-4: Being Human in the 20th and 21st Centuries, with Bodo von Plato
Week 5: The Earth as Substance of Our Destiny, with Johannes Kronenberg
Week 6: Anthroposophic Medicine's Perspectives on the human being, with Karin Michael and Marion Debus
Week 7: Images of the Human Being, with Constanza Kaliks
Week 8: Transhumanism, with Christiane Haid and Renatus Ziegler
Week 9: Mystery Dramas, with Herbert Hagens
Week 10-11: The School of Chartres, with Constanza Kaliks & Peter Selg

Winter Term
Freedom, Knowledge and Responsibility

Week 1: Theatre as Bridge between Anthropology and Freedom, with Goscha Gorgoshidze
Week 2: Goethean Science, with Matthias Rang
Week 3: The idea of Freedom Through History, with Bodo von Plato and Robin Schmidt
Week 4: Digitality and Consciousness, with Bodo von Plato and Robin Schmidt
Week 5: Agriculture Conference
Week 6: Knowledge and Responsibility, with Constanza Kaliks
Week 7: 12 Senses, with Christiane Haid and Renatus Ziegler
Week 8: Medicine and Ethics, with Peter Selg
Week 9: The Aesthetic Riddle of the 20th Century and Anthroposophy, with Nathaniel Williams
Week 11: Landscape Observation, with Benno Otter

Spring Term

Week 1: Weimar - Buchenwald Class Trip, with Constanza Kaliks and Peter Selg
Week 2: Pedagogical Section [To be confirmed]
Week 3: Life and Meditation, with Bodo von Plato
Week 4: Meditation and Life, with Bodo von Plato
Week 5: Nutrition, with Jasmin Peschke
Week 6: Performing Arts as a Research Praxis [To be confirmed]
Week 7: L'Aubier Class Trip [To be confirmed]
Week 8: Christology [To be confirmed]
Week 9: Rudolf Steiner Political and Social Theory, with Nathaniel Williams
Week 10-11: Student Project Preparation and Presentations

Note: Titles and lecturers are subject to change. As indicated above, some lectures are yet to be confirmed.