Video ► Interculturality in the 21st century

Video ► Interculturality in the 21st century

25 November 2020 Constanza Kaliks 13764 views

Can we comprehend what is foreign to us? Interculturality in the 21st century - A contribution by Constanza Kaliks and Paula Edelstein on November 16, 2020 as part of the lecture series of the Goetheanum Leadership Signature of the present times.

Paula Edelstein participates in the research programme of the Department of Education of the National University of Luján, "Relations between Specific Didactics and Cultural Identities: an interdisciplinary approach for their analysis." Director: Dr. María del Carmen Maimone. Made up of a natural science teaching team, a geography teaching team and Paula Edelstein (by agreement with the Perito Moreno Teacher Training Institute).

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Book Ueli Hurter, Justus Wittich (eds.): Perspectives and Initiatives in the Times of Coronavirus, translation by Christine Howard, Rudolf Steiner Press, Forest Row 2020, 182pp