The Goetheanum Studium department is part of the General Anthroposophical Section, whose main research focus is Anthroposophy itself.

The General Anthroposophical Section is one of the eleven sections that constitute the School of Spiritual Science, which was founded at the Christmas Conference in 1923 together with the General Anthroposophical Society. The central task of the Section is anthroposophy itself, its essence and development - and the "problem of the human being" (Martin Buber) as a physical, soul and spiritual being.

General Anthroposophical Section

General conditions

Students must be over 18 years old to apply. No previous education is required for study at the Goetheanum, apart from a good command of the course language. We suggest a B1 level for both English and German courses. In some cases a level equivalent to A2 will suffice provided that the students commit themselves to further language training. This will be assessed in the admission interview.

Acceptance to the program is contingent upon submission of the application form and an admission interview. The purpose of the interview is to assess whether the course meets your expectations and is a good fit for you. The number of spots is limited.

Prior to the start of classes, students are requested to review and sign an agreement outlining the terms and conditions.

Traveling to Switzerland

Switzerland is a confederation of 26 cantons. The Goetheanum is located in Dornach, in the canton of Solothurn, where the official language is Swiss German. Dornach is situated 10 kilometers south of Basel, Switzerland’s third-largest city and the nearest airport.

Students from abroad should contact the Swiss Embassy in their home country for information about entry and visa requirements.

For students who plan to study at the Goetheanum for more than one trimester, important information on residence registration and health insurance is provided below.

Registration & Health Insurance

Student residence

The Goetheanum Campus offers limited rooms at the Student Residence for students enrolled in the Goetheanum Studium courses. The residence has six shared apartments and 36 furnished single rooms. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen and a shared bathroom. Availability is limited.

Watch the video to get an overview of the Student Residence on Campus!

For short-term stays, the Goetheanum website provides a list of accommodation options in the region here. This includes hotels, guest houses, as well as youth hostels and other shared options.

Student Pass

Students enrolled in the on-campus program receive a Goetheanum Student Pass, entitling them to free entrance or great discounts on lectures, conferences, tours, and stage performances at the Goetheanum. Check the Goetheanum events calendar here.

It also gives a 10% at the Goetheanum Bookshop, Cafeteria and Speisehaus, as well as free book loans from the Goetheanum Library within the academic year.

Students enrolled full-time at other institutions may purchase the Student Pass at the Goetheanum Reception.

How to get to the Goetheanum

Getting to the Goetheanum is simple and hassle-free. Switzerland offers reliable and safe transportation options, including trains, buses, and walking routes.

If you are arriving by air, Basel Airport is the closest option. Zurich Airport is also a viable option, and you can easily reach Basel by train. Once in Basel, a quick train ride will take you straight to Dornach, where the Goetheanum is located.

Find detailed instructions below. Make sure to save it on your phone or print it out for easy reference during your journey.

Arrival Instructions (PDF)

Visiting Basel

Students can easily reach Basel from Dornach in just a 20-minute train ride. Explore Basel's world-famous museums, marvel at its historic architecture, relax by the Rhine River, and and enjoy many other attractions. This is a valuable addition to the study experience at the Goetheanum.

More information on the city's official website

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